The "IT Difference"

We know everyone “says” it, but we work in a service industry and we genuinely believe the customer is king…but actions speak the loudest…

Our customers’ previous experiences with IT suppliers wasn’t always very good and we wanted that to be different with us…so we’ve established the philosophy of “IT difference”…we only do good things for our customers…

  • We only bill for IT services and support with which our customers are satisfied
  • We bill to the nearest minute (no rounding up to the nearest 15 minutes for a 3 minute job!)
  • We never charge more than quoted, unless additional options/work was requested
  • Where actual time costs are less than estimated/quoted, savings will be passed back to the customer
  • Our services and support are billed in arrears, so it’s all been delivered before we ask you to pay for it
  • Your “contract” commitment is usually no more than one month, so there’s never, ever any tie in
  • Our charging is completely transparent…our time sheets are very detailed and separately show work that is chargeable, non-chargeable or completed as part of a fixed price quote or contract
  • We send our time sheets to you for approval before sending an invoice
  • We don’t charge for work that was unsuccessful (unless we advised you against it!)
  • We don’t charge for account management or sales work
  • We source the very best value systems and services that deliver optimal performance and reliability
  • We can work whenever you need us, whether that’s a weekday evening or midnight on a Saturday