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Secure Your Internet Connection

Secure Your Internet Connection Cyber Essentials prioritises a secure internet connection – this focuses on two elements: Use a firewall Boundary firewall Personal firewall Minimise remote access Block remote access by default Only allow business justified remote access
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Email Filtering

Email Filtering As part of improving internet security, we recommend using an inbound email filtering system to reduce and  controlling spam. As well as the blocking of definite spam, the email filters will identify “possible spam” and send an email security digest to each member of staff several times each day with a quarantine list to be checked. The digest email also identifies whether the email has been quarantined because it contains a virus (1). If there are no emails to be checked you won’t receive a digest email. Using the links (2) in this digest email, the possible spam
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Better IT Security

Better IT Security We’re really not OTT about IT security – experience has shown us how easily over-zealous security can break business productivity, but there is a sensible level of security and that really has jumped one or two levels in the last 12-24 months…so it really could be time to think about it again…
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