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One Time Secret – Sharing Info More Safely

One Time Secret – Sharing Info More Safely OneTimeSecret ( is a web service that allows you to send sensitive information that will be destroyed immediately after it has been viewed (think Mission Impossible self-destructing tape!!). If you are sent a link from OneTimeSecret it will look something like this: Clicking on the link (or copying/pasting it into your browser) will open a web page like this: If you click on the “View Secret” button, you will see your password or other sensitive info: Your “secret” will no be burned and your won’t be able to access it again. WARNING!
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Password Best Practice

Password Best Practice We strongly recommend the following: Passwords should not be shared with anyone – if they have to be shared (for example we may need to know to provide remote support), then they should be changed asap afterwards. As we move towards GDPR’s May start date, sharing passwords would be considered a compliance failure, so this is really good practice Passwords should be at least eight characters (and preferably at least 11 or 12) Passwords should contain three of the following four character types: Upper case letters Lower case letters Numbers Special characters – eg !£$^&() etc Passwords
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Email Filtering

Email Filtering As part of improving internet security, we recommend using an inbound email filtering system to reduce and  controlling spam. As well as the blocking of definite spam, the email filters will identify “possible spam” and send an email security digest to each member of staff several times each day with a quarantine list to be checked. The digest email also identifies whether the email has been quarantined because it contains a virus (1). If there are no emails to be checked you won’t receive a digest email. Using the links (2) in this digest email, the possible spam
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