Change of bank details

Change of bank details
26 September 2023 gsadmin

Please be aware that we are changing the bank account details for client payments as of 1/Oct/2023.

We are sending out email alerts to all affected clients, and this website post is to confirm to our clients that these bank changes are genuine and not a phishing email!

Please note that this change will not impact our clients that pay by Direct Debit.

For security reasons, we have decided not to publish the full details of the new bank account, but the details below should be sufficient to confirm the emails details:

Updated Bank Details:

  • Bank Name: Lloyds Bank
  • Account Name: Grace Solutions Ltd
  • Sort Code: Unchanged
  • Account Number: x7xxx668

In these days, we understand that bank account change notifications are a very common scam, so if you would like to speak with someone for further confirmation, then please call us on +44 1223 903 800.

To avoid any disruption to services, please update your records as soon as possible – we appreciate your prompt attention to this change.

We understand that changes like this can be inconvenient, so would like to remind all clients that we do offer a Direct Debit collection service for all our invoices – in addition to being unaffected by changes to our bank details, the benefits are

  • 14 day payment terms
  • 2.5% discount on ad-hoc labour costs
  • Automated invoice payment
  • Easy signup
  • Easy cancellation

If you would like more information about this service, please contact our accounts team on +44 1223 903 805 or at