We want to be sure we’re giving you the best value service, so we offer a number of discounts:

  • Not-For-Profit Clients – We want to help social impact clients, so we offer a 12.5% discount on both our hourly rate and support plans
  • New Clients – We waive the first site visit costs for all new clients – it’s just a little “thank you”
  • Direct Debit Clients – Direct Debit is simple for both clients and us, so pay by Direct Debit and we’ll take 2.5% off our ad-hoc hourly rate as another “thank you”
  • Volume Support Plans – For clients with a monthly support plan, we offer a 2.5% discount for 20-49 devices and 5% for 50+ devices
Discounts are cumulative and all appropriate discounts are applied automatically to invoices and proposals.