Standard Prices

We’re firm believers in providing leading IT services at prices that are fair, affordable and, most importantly, transparent. After all, if you’re investing your hard earned money in our services we want you to be 100% sure you’re getting value. And we’ll provide you with detailed timesheets that show you exactly what we’ve done for you, chargeable and non-chargeable.

We offer basic prices for standard packages of work, such as website design and server maintenance contracts, but we’re also very happy to discuss detailed prices for everything you need for your specific project or support need.

As well as ad-hoc support, we can offer monthly support, but we’re only interested in contracts that offer an advantage to you, whether that’s priority service or lower rates, all offered with 1 months’ notice, so no tie in!

And for the sake of clarity, we don’t charge for quotations, account management (including simple advice and chatting!!) or work that is unsuccessful (unless against our advice!).

Of course, we try to cater for every budget and are happy to discuss bespoke rates, but our hourly rates for general support services are:

Work Type2018
PC Support£56.00
Website Support & Development£56.00
Phone Systems£68.00
Application Development£72.00

All prices excl VAT.

Working Out of Hours

Our standard “opening” hours are Mon-Fri from 8am to 6pm. Of course, we do provide support outside of these “standard” hours, and initially we charged no differently. This became an unsustainable business model, and in retrospect devalued weekends and evenings for our staff! So we now apply the following charges/premiums to all our hourly rates (incl travel):

Weekdays (7am to 7pm)100%
Weekday Evenings (7pm to 10pm)125%
Saturday (8am to 6pm)125%
Sunday (8am to 6pm)150%
Bank Holidays (7pm to 10pm)150%
Other Times200%

Onsite/Travelling Charges

We’ve thought long and hard about how to charge for onsite visits…since the charge is really about covering the costs of travelling, a fair charge on remote customers would be unfair on local customers…and offering a range of onsite charges based on distance would be complex/confusing.

So the system we’ve been successfully operating since 2010 is an hourly charge for travelling each way – so the costs rise in proportion with the distance/time we have to travel. The charge rate is the same as the Desktop Support hourly cost (this is the minimum we’d be charging if not travelling) and whilst we currently include any mileage and parking costs within that, we recognise that these can be significant so will keep this under review. We use the travelling time as identified by Google maps plus ten minutes for any loading/unloading.


Because we want to prove that we’re offering you the best possible value for money (and because we really want to support you!), we also offer some discounts:

  • Not-For-Profit Organisations
    We work with a range of not-for-profit organisation and know that, budgets can be painfully limited. That’s why we offer you a 5% discount on our hourly rates.
  • New Customers
    We waive the first site visit costs for all new customers – it’s just our way of saying thank you for choosing us!
  • Contract Customers
    As a “thank you” for coming back to us month after month, all customers taking out a support contract will also receive a discount. For more info see our contracts page.