Contract Rates

Rolling Credit Contracts…

Over the years we have been asked about providing monthly support contracts, so we’ve come up with a contract model that we believe is fair and helpful…

Our typical supplier experience is that monthly contracts tend to favour the supplier – of course they’re going to design the contracts so that they can’t/won’t lose out, so that must mean there’s extra margin for the customer to pay, or the contracts are opaque (and don’t cover “everything”), or worse still, time charges are rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes etc. “All you can eat” contracts are typically the most distorted, after all, IT support isn’t free, so someone, somewhere is paying and we don’t believe it’s fair that one customer subsidises another.

As part of our “IT difference” we want to make sure that each contract is the best option for that customer, and is also fair to us – so our contracts are completely transparent and we round up to the nearest minute!!

So we offer a “rolling credits” pre-payment contract – just like a utility bills, this offers the option to pay a regular amount each month and use this “credit” as and when it’s needed. Unlike many rolling contracts…you won’t ever “lose” your credit and if it builds up beyond a set level, we’ll pause the payments for a while…it’s totally flexible and designed to allow customers to flatten their support costs and avoid the peaks and troughs of an ad-hoc “time and materials” approach.

As currently, these contracts are monthly, so no long commitments and as a “thank you” we’ll also discount our hourly rates as well…on top of your existing discount if you’re a non-profit!

Standard commercial rates (2018):
Project Mgt
Commercial£100 – £2492.5%£55.00£66.50£55.00£70.50£78.00
£250 -£4993.5%£54.50£66.00£54.50£69.50£77.00
£500 -£9995.0%£53.50£65.00£53.50£68.50£76.00
£1000 -£19996.5%£52.50£64.00£52.50£67.50£74.50
£2000 – £49998.0%£52.00£63.00£52.00£66.50£73.50
>= £500012.0%£49.50£60.00£49.50£63.50£70.00
Non-Profit£100 – £2498.5%£51.50£62.50£51.50£66.00£73.00
£250 -£4999.5%£51.00£62.00£51.00£65.50£72.00
£500 -£99911.0%£50.00£61.00£50.00£64.50£71.00
£1000 -£199912.5%£49.00£59.50£49.00£63.00£70.00
£2000 – £499914.0%£48.50£58.50£48.50£62.00£68.50
>= £500018.0%£46.00£56.00£46.00£59.50£65.50