Correct Configuration

Depending on the work being undertaken, we have to make certain assumptions regarding the current state of the IT infrastructure.

Unless the quoted work is to improve the infrastructure, the points below each affect our ability to complete the project within the quoted timescale – any additional time required to remediate the systems/services will be identified for approval and separate charging.

If you would like to be sure before accepting a quote, where possible, we can provide a proposal to audit and rectify any discovered issues.

This list of assumptions is based on industry standard best practice and should be considered indicative, not definitive, of typical problem areas:

  • All IT hardware (computers, switches, phones etc) are patched up-to-date with firmware and drivers
  • All systems/services (computers, networks, domains, cabling etc) are operating correctly with no errors or misconfiguration
  • Correct information/access is provided in a timely fashion:
    • System credentials and documentation
    • External support services for 3rd party systems/services
    • Access to systems, services, workspaces etc
    • Deviation of any system/system from best practice/default configuration is documented
  • Access to sufficient equipment and systems required to complete the quoted work is easy and safe, incl network/power sockets and they are not obscured by large objects.
  • Unless specifically quoted, 3rd party liaison is not covered