Not For Profits

You’re transparent, expert and dedicated…as should your IT partner

Throughout our years within the industry, we’ve been a trusted partner the world over. Whether it’s because of our transparent pricing structures (which feature generous discounts for not-for-profits), our super-efficient services, or our dedicated team members, our not-for-profit client list continues to grow.

Support and services delivered with the modern non-profit in mind

We know that the not-for-profit of today faces many of the same challenges typical businesses do, however we also understand that beyond this, there may be very specific needs unique to the organisational structure. You see, we really take the time to understand not-for-profit organisations, the way that they work, and the ways in which IT features within their processes.

As well as working to ensure you adopt the most appropriate systems and solutions going forward, we’ll support the software and systems you’re already running, whether that’s a charity specific CRM, bespoke Access databases or specialist financial systems.

Your one-stop IT Shop

Another way in which we provide ultimate convenience alongside the reduction of soft costs is through our one stop shop structure. So whatever you need, whenever you need it, if it’s IT related, we’ll be able to source it, install it, support it or recycle it.

And the kicker? We’re pretty great value too

As a not-for-profit you have an even greater responsibility for streamlining your outsourced services and the products that you use. And in an industry where every single purchase requires accountability, you need to know that you’re receiving the very best value for your money.

We’re not embarrassed to say we’ve got a “thing” for not-for-profits, so you’ll always get our very best!