About us

Grace Solutions is an expanding tech services company based in Cambridge, UK, but the nature of tech means most of our services are available worldwide. There is nothing more frustrating than going from one supplier to another trying to find what you need. Grace Solutions is different – our approach is simple – we provide everything you need!

By combining our extensive industry partnerships with 100 years of tech experience in-house, we provide all the help you need – whether that’s project expertise, absence cover for your existing team, a fully sourced IT team or individual products and service such as cloud backups, cyber security, or onsite support to name but a few.

We want to help you achieve your goals by crafting aligned, best-value tech solutions that are simple, secure and sustainable, and underpinned by exceptional service. We passionately believe the right tech will help you achieve your goals. In a fast-paced, high-risk world, our expertise help improve efficiency, creates value and drives innovation which can underpin your USP. We deliver this through “Origami IT” – our approach that allows us to craft a bespoke solution from standard services. We aim to transform your IT from a cost into an asset that delivers real competitive advantage.