We provide:

  • Leading IT services at prices that are transparent, fair and demonstrate clear value.
  • Fixed prices for standard work, such as PC installation or website design, and capped price proposals for anything more bespoke.
  • Detailed timesheets that show everything that we’ve done for you, chargeable and non-chargeable.
  • Free account management and pre-sales support (including simple advice and chatting!!)

We do not charge for work that is unsuccessful (unless against our advice!).

Standard Hourly Rates

Support typically covers full lifecycle from purchasing/installation, configuration and maintenance to  migration and decommissioning.

Rates excl VAT.

  • 2023 Ad-hoc Support (Weekdays 7am to 7pm) £111.35
  • All support – desktop, server, network, cloud service admin, vCIO, consultancy and travel.

From 2022, we have moved to a simpler, single hourly rate for ad-hoc support, during business hours, as well as travel. As before, there are separate prices for out of hours working.

Price Changes

We review our costs and prices annually for a couple of reasons:

  • We always aim to deliver the very best levels of client support, with continual improvement of our products and services, whilst continuing to operate as a sustainable business.
  • We have a policy of not letting staff salaries fall as a result of inflation.

Our next review will be October 2023, with any price changes implemented from January 2024.