Best Value Support

At Grace Solutions we have an engrained philosophy of always trying to deliver the best value for clients – so we do not typically bundle/pad/round or do anything else that would otherwise obfuscate the true value of a product, service or our support.

  • Our support time is tracked accurately and in detail to ensure maximum clarity and eliminate extra costs through rounding or padding. As part of this we do clearly record time spent managing client work, such as logging/updating tickets, liaising with clients etc – this is real time that is part of the ticket work and we believe it is best that it is clearly recorded. We also log time spent on sales and account management, although this is shown as a discounted cost on time sheets.
  • Unless otherwise stated, products and services are priced with limited support to ensure least cost provision. Limited support would include account management/billing issues only. If technical support is required for implementation, maintenance or issues then this must be purchased separately.