The “IT Difference”

At Grace Solutions we want you to love your IT and we believe actions speak the loudest so let us demonstrate how we put you and your goals first.

We deliver what we call “Origami IT” – our approach that allows us to craft a bespoke solution from standard services. Origami is the art of crafting a 3D design from a standard 2D piece of paper. Similarly, we craft standard technology into complex client tech solutions that perfectly fit your needs. To do this we do have to ask questions to fully understand your goals for your business and/or project but you end up with bespoke tech that works for you.

When it comes to billing, we only bill for services that you are satisfied with. We bill to the nearest minute (not 10- or 15-minute increments) so this means where actual time costs are less than estimated and quoted, the savings will be passed back to you. We bill in arrears, so our work has all be delivered before you pay for it and your contract commitment is usually no more than one month, so you haven’t got a huge tie in.

Our charging is completely transparent, and this is reflected in our timesheets. Timesheets are divided into chargeable work, non-chargeable work (e.g. account management/sales) and fixed price work or contracts. These timesheets are sent to you for approval before you receive an invoice.

When we say we are a one-stop-shop, we really do mean it. Whether you are looking to completely outsource your IT, to simply take the hassle out of researching which new printer to invest in or as a support system for your tech team, we are happy to craft ourselves and the tech to fit you.