Email Filtering

As part of improving internet security, we recommend using an inbound email filtering system to reduce and  controlling spam.

As well as the blocking of definite spam, the email filters will identify “possible spam” and send an email security digest to each member of staff several times each day with a quarantine list to be checked. The digest email also identifies whether the email has been quarantined because it contains a virus (1). If there are no emails to be checked you won’t receive a digest email.

email security digest

Using the links (2) in this digest email, the possible spam email you can preview and release any emails that are not spam. If you like, you can also delete definite spam emails…emails left in your “possible spam” quarantine will be deleted after 14 days (3).

Clicking on the “Preview” link is the best option as this will give you a chance to review the contents (1) of the email before releasing (2) or deleting it (3). This option also gives you the additional link buttons to permanently whitelist (4) or blacklist (5) the email sender’s address or domain:

email security preview

Emails that are requested to be be released should be received within a few seconds – however, if you request to release an email containing a reported virus, this will be manually reviewed by the IT administrator before being released.